Frequently Asked Questions:


How will I know when my street is scheduled?  Generally speaking, mailers go out to affected areas as preparatory work begins (i.e., crack seal and concrete/asphalt repairs), and this is followed by door hangers for surface seal applications.

What if trash or bulk trash pick-up is scheduled the same day? The contractor is required to coordinate with Glendale Sanitation so set your trash out by 7 a.m. if work is scheduled on your regular trash pick-up day.

What about postal services?  Postal services should not be affected.

What about on-street parking?  On-street parking will not be permitted during the application and “No Parking” signs will be posted a day or more in advance of the work to ensure vehicles are off the street for the application to take place.

Can I get out of my garage/driveway?  The door hanger you will receive will provide specific information, and please be sure not to drive through barricades or traffic cones as they protect the contractor’s work area.

What happens if work does not take place or is delayed? In some cases, such as inclement weather (rain) or materials/scheduling issues, work may need to be adjusted.  Unless your notification says otherwise, work will be moved to the next possible working day and you may or may not be notified again.  Please keep the information you receive until the work in your area has been completed.